M.A.Harris Hello World

Hello World was the title of the post that came from WordPress and that’s as good an intro as any. 

You might ask why the world needs a new blogger… and my answer is that there are always old ones fading away and new ones coming into existence, the revolution has turned to evolution and I want to be part of the evolution. 

You then ask why I decided to blog now…and the because is that I’ve finally found that I have a reason to see if I can catch your eye and a few (or maybe a lot) of brain cycles, I am an aspiring author and I want to use this blog to communicate with the wider community of people who might read a like my work, with my family and friends who have supported my long gestation as an author and possibly the wider world of authors out there.  

And of course I want to use this as a place to sometimes expound and other times vent regarding the problems, missed opportunities and maybe the unseen symmetry and unseen necessity of the world and its processes. 

Finally you ask what about the blog title “This World and Others” …well the answer is that I am fascinated by the evolution of: technology, weapons, war and warfare, civilization and society, science and man…This World.    And I am also fascinated by: Physics (traditional and Quantum), Cosmology, Astronomy, the solar system, space technology, space travel, space colonization, space resource utilization, and mankind’s future…Other Worlds.   And of course the fact that I write Science Fiction, some may call it Fantasy explains a lot.  On that last point by the way there is an Arthur C. Clark (the doyen of Hard SciFi) adage that  says; “Any sufficiently advanced Science will seem to be Magic to those who do not understand it, and likewise any sufficiently advanced Magic will appear to be Science to the uninitiated.” 

But most of all I am interested in Mankind and Men (and Women) who overcome obstacles to try to improve their lot in life and leave the world a better place than they found it….I am also interested in those who are only interested in improving their own lot at the expense of others and the future, but they are mostly interesting as villains and obstacles.

I hope as this blog ages it will mature and provide some interesting insights and items of interest. 

For now


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