Lethal Fantasy

I happened on this article through a hyperlink chain from Glenn Reynolds, it blew my mind that an article from that timeframe could clearly explain why 9/11 never made any sense to me, at least not after it became clear that it was not part of some greater campaign.

But read it for more that the explanation of why 9/11 was never about war in the normal sense and that treating it as such may have been a mistake. 

Almost more stunning is the explanatory concept it lays out, a concept that provides a powerful too for examine the social dynamics in the world of today. 

Perhaps I am taking it too far but if I start holding it up against a lot of major movements today as an explanatory meme…I get worried.

 Read the article, take the basic concept it explains to view various ‘movements’ , and do it for ones you are for as well as against with intellectual honesty and clear-eyed understanding of your own biases .  

It makes one wonder if we aren’t all living in a matrix of interlocking Fantasies?   Is our civilization driven by something close to magical thinking?  Is this unavoidable?

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