The Coming ~ Revolution ~ Singularity ~ Multipolar World ~ Collapse of the Social Democratic Model ~ Christmas Season

The world is always changing, it has always been changing and the arrow of time is always in one direction.  In this post I said that now is a phonograph needle reading out the wobbles in the world created by all our yesterdays. 

There is no going back 7Billion humans now and we will peak at something like twice that possibly in my life-time. And its possible that average life span for many people today could be above a century (and an average life zooming towards that number.) 

I believe we are seeing the limits of organizational efficiencies of scale now.  That one of the reasons the US still works better than it appears to in the media is because we are  1 a republic, not direct democracy, and 2 the state and local gov’t which are still pretty accountable to the people, do a lot of the real heavy lifting.  The focus on our elected King is an aberration, as is the dependence we have developed on ‘congress’ being able to fix things, especially when we put fetters on the members in regards to the big things,  while giving them access to the candy shop in regards to the little crap that the rent seekers care about and are willing to pay to get their way.

We have failed to adequately adjust our assumptions and wants to the world of 2011, we are living as if it were in the late 20th century.  But while many of us live in the illusion of that world there are many living in other enclaves some of the future, some of different pasts.   But with the number of humans with all the knowledge of the world at their finger tips the world has to be on the cusp of change our various ‘tracks’ mixing to create a new locus for the always onward moving phonograph tip of now. 

 What will that world be like?

In thirty years we’ll be able to look back and say, ‘ah’ see, the future was already here in 2011, we could just have looked at ________________and seen the future!   

But filling in that blank is going to take surviving those thirty years.  And maybe that won’t be as easy as surviving the last 30 has been….

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