1.2GW of offshore and onshore wind was installed last year


1.2GW of offshore and onshore wind was installed last year

Read more: http://www.theengineer.co.uk/channels/skills-and-careers/in-depth/career-opportunities-in-offshore-renewables/1016243.article#ixzz2Ujjogygo

I drove up to my parents the other day via a route I had not taken for a year, along the route a new wind farm had sprung up, dozens of multi MW turbines, apparently most went in over a period of only a few months once the tracks cables and bases were in place. Several a week being finished off. Now the support crew is something like twenty full time maintainers. Not sure if this is really the hope of the industrial heartlands, it’s not bad but heatedly the sustained work the towns these behemoths rise near, need.

Same with the sea based units, though the ports the support vessels sail from will get more than the maintenance base of a land based array.

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