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MIT Technology Review : Business Report : The Next Wave of Manufacturing

You Must Make the New Machines // Economist Ricardo Hausmann says the U.S. has a chance to invent the manufacturing technology of tomorrow.
From MIT Technology : read more: http://www.technologyreview.com/news/509281/you-must-make-the-new-machines/

The basic knowledge is here, the ideas and innovation, even the entrepreneurial spirit, the problem is have we tied ourselves down with rules regulations taxes monopolies etc?

Machine Design | Local-for-local strategy drives U. S. expansion

An artical / opinion piece in Machine design talks about how reality/ growth caught up with plans an sparked an epiphany: Local-for-local strategy drives U. S. expansion . This seems right and in line with what seems to be happening more broadly which is not a retreat to the USA but a charge into the future. This is all to the good…except in many ways the blue blues less clues have been taking advantage of the disappearance of the factories and their irritatingly outspoken managers / operators to tighten up regulation. Not that regulation is all bad but the regulatory net in blue states/ cities seems to be stifling growth in many places that could do with it.

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