Alpha Dog…next we have Wardogs…then Wargs

Alpha Dog shown in this video is really, really neat technology but even in this early stage there is something very creepy about it.    If you connect this with what we have done with the Predator drone and its cousins….one has to wonder if we have opened Pandora’s box.  

I have written about Wardogs in Under Seige, a novel I wrote years ago and I will be publishing soon, and in passing about guard robots in Moon Dreams.  Saberhagen had the Berserkers for decades. But one does not have to get to AI’s gone berserk for things to get out of control. 

We may have paved the way to H E double toothpicks with Predators.  The Chinese and Russians, as well as others, will sell just about any technology to anyone.  We have the example of what tech did in the Arab Spring….is possibly doing in Syria.  What happens when the bad guys don’t have to risk their lives, or lose a night sleep, when they go after protestors and arrest or erase them?

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