My cute little assistant

The introduction of Siri on the iPhone 4S could be another defining moment for tech. I hear some pundits deride the move but I see it as a bit like the transition to a graphical user interface. Believe it or not there were those who derided that change (a few of them are still out there.). There are things that the modern human to data net interface device (pick your type) should be able to do better with a verbal interface. This is not to say we’ll do it all that way, most of us type faster and more succinctly than we speak, I’d hate to think I’d start getting raw transcript output in text it would rapidly drive me to Ludditism! But the types of things Apple and others demonstrated seemed pretty much on, have Siri make the call, have Siri set the wake up time, have Siri check the weather. These are all things I can do but having Siri do them while I do other things, like a human assistant can, will make me more productive and perhaps less stressed.

Who knows miracles probably do happen. I am certainly looking forward to trying Siri out when she comes to iPad 3…

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