Sunday the 6th…update

So yesterday was bad, had to do some family things from dawn to dusk, or as close as it gets on a Saturday, and just didn’t get anything done.  But today! well that is a different kettle of fish, as the old family saying goes:

  • Elgin:   Intro
  • Elgin: Chapter 1
  • Elgin: Chapter 2
  • STATUS (from NaNoWriMo site)
  • Total Words Written14,278
  • Average Per Day 2,379 
  • Words Written Today 4,567
  • At This Rate I’ll Finish On November 21, 2011
  • Current Day 6
  • Target Word Count 50,000 & Average Words Per Day 1,667
  • Words Remaining 35,722
  • Days Remaining 25
  • Words Per Day To Finish On Time1,429

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