Ink Jet electronics progress

Ink-Jet Printed Graphene Electronics

Okay this brings back memories, as a young engineer I supported-oversaw ManTech R&D on ink jet printing of electronic circuits and the development of ink tech. Different time, place, technology but still cool and promising especially for the US I think the center of custom/additive manufacturing.

To get the geek juices flowing in any ManTech junkies here is the abstract:

We demonstrate ink-jet printing as a viable method for large area fabrication of graphene devices. We produce a graphene-based ink by liquid phase exfoliation of graphite in N-Methylpyrrolidone. We use it to print thin-film transistors, with mobilities up to~95cm^2V^(-1)s(-1), as well as transparent and conductive patterns, with~80 % transmittance and~30kOhm/sq sheet resistance. This paves the way to all-printed, flexible and transparent graphene devices on arbitrary substrates

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