I am going to try and get back on the Blogging pony

My problem is that I often have more things I would like to talk about than I have time to formulate thoughts so I just get depressed and don’t do anything.  But I’m working on all those bad habits and hope to be back in the saddle and trying to upgrade to real horse class.

As much as I love writing for you dear reader, I also write (and formulate) for my job which can sometimes absorb me 10+hours a day 6 to 7 days a week for several weeks at a time, over periods of months with lots of travel as well (this year I was flying somewhere most weeks for the first four months.) But its also very erratic depending on business cycles, the gov’t fiscal year cycle, customer side infighting etc, etc.so I get long periods of relative inactivity which can be almost worse, because I need a lot of feedback to keep in the grove as it where.

And then there is my other writing habit, my sci fi…..dad has given me an edit of Elgin that I have been twiddling away at for months, once I get it done I will do a final submital and move on, I have three other stories in the Iffrit’s universe at least partially written and want to get back to them sometime.  The second book in Exotic Contraband — Home is where the heart lies.  is ready for a final scan, cover art and uploading.   Written and edited but awaiting a Smashwords gloss edit and then the clean up are Skil and Across a Sea of Suns (probably two to four books.) Beyond that the book I was working on when I discovered Smashwords, one no one has seen yet that I call The Demon Engineer is begging to be finished now I have some new ideas and clarity about how to close the story-line’s arc.

So there is a lot going on in my intellectual life, on top of things like daughters getting married, aging car crap, mutant pool scum, honey-dos I should have done three years ago, rehabbing the basement, garage sale and trash haulage to clear  some reasonable fraction of the crap out of our lives  etc, etc, etc.

Sigh, Okay so I should quit my whining, I have an interesting job, working with great people on things I think are important for the country and the future.  I get to freely emote on anything I care to and try to get people to read my thoughts as encoded in these little squiggles.  I have a wonderful wife, great kids, generally a life that a vast majority of the world would envy.

So, on that cheerful note I’ll end.

Cheers and hope you come back to read some more soon.  It’ll probably be more serious next time….maybe more on health care, or the coming drone-apocalypse, or something else juicy…

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