Romney’s Successful Foreign Trip

Really good counter to MSM crap regarding Romney’s foreign excursion: The Governor’s visits to Israel and Poland formed the core of the trip, so, of course, drew less press attention and what attention it did draw minimized or misinterpreted the real meaning of the visits. Contrary to most press reporting, the Romney trip was not primarily about Jewish or Polish votes back in the US. The trip was about highlighting what should be the US relationship with two critical allies located in two very tough neighborhoods. Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, is virtually surrounded by anti-American retrograde forces out to destroy it. Poland finds itself confronting a resurgent and increasingly anti-American, aggressive and even Stalinist Russia that greatly resents Poland’s remarkable economic success and its close relationship with the West, especially the United States. Both of these nations live on the frontiers of freedom; both have been shabbily mistreated by the Obama misadministration. Neither Obama nor Hillary Clinton have shown any regard for the importance of these two allies to the United States or for the difficult and even precarious conditions which they confront. In fact, actions by the Obama misadministration, e.g., precipitously canceling the anti-missile defense system in Poland’s case, and demanding Israel’s return to the disastrous borders of pre-1967, have strained their alliances with the United States and put their national security at risk. By visiting these two nations, Romney has signified how his foreign policy will be different than Obama’s. The Governor realizes something that the President does not: we should stand with our allies.

From the Diplomad blog, well worth following.

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