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In a gerotor motor, the outer ring’s gear teeth remain stationary while fluid flow turns the internal rotor. This drawing is of a six-pointed gerotor assembly. To see a motor’s internal components in action, view the YouTube video, Motion Study of the Gerotor Motor at

Machine Design has always been one of the best engineering teaching magazines out there and this article on hydraulic motors is an example of why. Informative and elegant graphics, straight forward, intelligent and direct (without dumbing down) explanatory prose. OK it’s about hydraulic motors but it’s cool, neat, etc, especially in this age of the maker revolution.

Your first e-vehicle could be an e-bike | Machine Design


Your first e-vehicle could be an e-bike, I was thinking this very thought watching some guy in full gold wing touring togs whining along on his bright metallic red red scooter. The monocoque bodied eBike with 0-60 times as good as a good sedan and space for modest shopping would be an ideal 2nd / 3rd vehicle, useful 80 to 90% of the time.


Gyro stabilization makes the vehicle practical, if reliable enough.