First Post of 2012

So I haven’t made any New Years resolutions and I have actually had a reasonably good track record of at least making progress most years.

My Blogging New Years resolution is to average more than one post a day.  I also want to somehow clean up my tags and categories.  Categories should be one of a pretty small class and the tags the larger number but not overwhelming.  It appears that managing tags and categories is not an option at this level of WP tools though.

I had made a promise to myself to blog at least once a day (after I started back in the dingy past of September) by dropping the ball the past two days…and a few other days in the meantime.  But I have averaged somewhat more than one a day, so that’s what my target is going forward.

I also plan on loosing at least 30 lbs (unfortunately not a big percentage at my current weight) and getting back in reasonable shape.  There were various excuses for the fall this year, but now I am apparently healthy again I need to get back the good habits I had for a year and more three years ago….

At least three of my ‘back stock’ of sci fi published and a couple of new ones written and published.  (Figure out if I’m always only going to be a freebie or if there is something I can do to get over the hump….)

Build two home computers one for the son, one as a family server.

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