Sundays always get me down…

Trying to keep up with a busy real job schedule and my desire to get Exotic Contraband ready for the first book to be published on Smashwords so blogging has not been prolific, will at least be home this week, hope to get a few meaty posts done. 

Used to be that Sunday was the day before Monday and I dreaded school…until I got over that and actually started to like it.  Then it was the day before Monday and I had to face the fact that I was just a cog in the gears of my job.  Then I was a manager and I would have to face the folks who worked for me and keep up expectations.  Next I was working for myself and Monday meant having to figure out how I was going to keep it up after the near term mana gave out.  Then I was working for a small company and it meant another week of 12 to 14 hour days, and commutes that really sucked, though I enjoyed what I was doing.  Still the case but now its the realization that I didn’t get to most of the things I’d intended to do over the weekend and the week is going to be clogged… 

But then isn’t that the human condition, never really satisfied, isn’t that what keeps us moving forward?

Sorry edited, used the quick blog button and it made the central paragraph a differen color and unreadable on my blog….had to get into the HTML, I find that WP is a way to learn some HTML…again.

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