Let’s think about this

I hate to add to the the conspiracy theorist’s trope but think about this; if President Obama were re-elected then impeached…President Biden! That should send a shudder down anyone moderately anything’s spine

So is the main-stream-media in its largely subconscious protection of the president on the cluster-f__k spiraling around the Benghazi attack figuring no one in their right mind would prosecute / impeach Obama if Biden would end up in the oval office?

Don’t get me wrong VP Biden’s probably reasonably smart and competent in the right environment (like his boss) but he’d most likely back the most rabidly reactionary liberal, union, tax and spend policies available because he believes those are the right policies and he’s much more of a doctrinaire warrior than Obama + he’d pretty much know he was toast come the next election.

Upshot? Get out the vote, vote the competent and reasonable Romney in as POTUS. Then if Obama really did leave our people to die, even if he thought it was ‘the right thing to do’ at the time we make sure he never holds another office of public trust..

‘Just sayin’

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