Will Anyone Create a Killer App for Google Glass? | MIT Technology Review

Will Anyone Create a Killer App for Google Glass? | MIT Technology Review.

Yes! The question is how broad the appeal is. For certain jobs, medical care providers, law enforcement, field journalism, meter readers, etc it seems natural but for more general use? Shopping, running, biking, skiing, … anything where recording and displaying data while being in the world seems natural.

In the long run the tech in glass would appear suited to supplant – or subsume – other interfaces, when the camera can watch your fingers interact with a projected ‘underlay’ and let you type, write, talk-edit, etc while capturing audio,video, local, context. To do this a high speed ultra low power, ultra high bandwidth link to a cellphone / superphone type device and then the web will be needed for a half decade or so.

The combination of wrist, ear, eye and belt/pocket modules of your personal retinue plus remote computing will capture the world around you in a 24/7 data-log.

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