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From molecules to gallons: Scaling up fuels created by artificial photosynthesis: Sabin Russell @
Ok so I’m a geek but I see this a neat and a form of artistry.

Self similar patterns, derived from nature’s models, provide a route to scale from meters to sub micron with features of self assembly and ‘natural’ scaling. Allowing fluids to flow in and out of a microscopic reaction site at macro-scales.



‘Little Mosque’ Hits Hulu

pAfter six seasons, the CBC hit series Little Mosque on the Prairie finally closed up shop earlier this year, but it’s got a new lease on life on Hulu, which is releasing it as simply Little Mosque. It’s a move I’m excited by, for a lot of different reasons, not least of which is that […]/p

via ‘Little Mosque’ Hits Hulu.

My wife has become a Hulu plus / net TV addict, loving the rich back tail of great programs available from Britain and now Canada. Little Mosque caught me by surprise but it is a great little show, funny, loving, sad, sensible, balanced-in a rational if TV land way.

3D Printed Dresss

And a great reason to show a picture of a beautiful woman ( “muse and model” Dita Von Teese),


Photo: Andrew Tingle/Wired

Article in Wired, clothes cusomized to you are coming. The dress was made from several panels of laser sintered nylon giving the dress the ability to conform to the wearers body, cool and slinky sexy, if a bit Metro Goth.