3D printed Camera accessories for cool effects


Here is a simple Tilt-Shift adapter which will attach to any micro four thirds camera body and hold a Nikon Series E 50mm lens. This adapter will creates a tilt-shift effect or miniature effect in your photos (see examples below). This is intended to be a more durable and cheaper solution than both DIY and commercial lens adapters ($2100).


Meta material technique allows for high efficiency coupling of light on a surface AND the ability to switch direction via polarization

An electron micrograph shows the nanoscale perforations at the surface of the plasmonic coupler. Credit: Jiao Lin and Balthasar Müller.
(Phys.org) —A Harvard-led team of researchers has created a new type of nanoscale device that converts an optical signal into waves that travel along a metal surface. Significantly, the device can recognize specific kinds of polarized light and accordingly send the signal in one direction or another.

Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2013-04-physicists-left-solution-on-chip-optics.html

Pretty important stuff, ducting light around on chips is an important ability for future electronics…or maybe one should say, nano- electro- optic- systems. Cool stuff…