Exotic Contraband – Lost among the stars…now on Smashwords and soon to be at iBooks, Nook Books, and more

The blade Stonewall approaching the spindle Athena making for a sungate

The blade Stonewall approaching the spindle Athena while making for a sungate jump point

Exotic Contraband:  Lost among the stars:  Aliens are real and they’re here. Unfortunately they aren’t here for intellectual stimulation, they’re here to make cold hard cash. And they aren’t interested in letting the authorities, theirs or ours, in on their racket.

This is the story of survivors lost in a universe that they hadn’t imagined, and the story of their rescue and return.

It’s only 99cents and a steal at many times the price if you enjoy a good read with a mix of hard and space opera sci fi with a little action and romance thrown in.  And why is that ship called the Stonewall?

See it all at Smashwords.

Mirasol (Butterfly Wing eReader Screen) out in Asia

An update from TechnologyReview regarding the Qualcom Mirasol based products.  Only in 5.3″ and all obviously based on the same hardware platform right now.  5.3″ is more in line with Asian tastes than US so it makes sense to focus there first  The long hang time (4 years from first hoopla) and small size indicate issues with the manufacturing technology, but nothing helps ManTech more than going to volume.  Hopefully 7, 9 and 11 inch units will follow soon.

Amazon and the law of the jungle

Mark Cooker the founder of Smashwords is also an epubs apostle, he’s out there selling the eBook revolution to the readers, writers and everyone in between.  He’s got a post up on Amazon’s new Kindle Direct Platform (KDP) is a Kindle only eBook platform that promises the author some part of a 500K / month pot depending on your percentage of downloads from KDP inventory, I suppose on top of the direct sales.  Now as he says himself he has a bit of a vested interested in dissing this because KDP because it cuts Smashwords out of part of the market but his point is that in essence its subtly anti author. Once on KDP you cannot sell through any other venue so you have to depend on Amazon being the principal sales channel for eBooks.  And this 1 limits your market, and 2 in the long term if Amazon ‘wins’ puts the author at the mercy of Amazon. 

Mark also points out that Amazon is pushing changes to the law about who can set the price on a book.  It appears as if Amazon has always wanted this power, rather than the publisher.  Now that may seem reasonable with Smashwords the author is the publisher, why shouldn’t the author of an eBook set the price?  If it’s too high then perhaps that’s the authors problem, not the distributor. The distributor still gets their cut for the books that are sold.

NaNoWriMo Day 17 Status

So todays version of Elgin is up at Smashwords, or should be shortly.   As before please have a look and let me know what you think. If you can plow through all the bad grammar, fumble finger mistakes, cut and paste snafu’s etc.   You can follow the links to the side they should get you there, and they also give you access to the Moon Dreams a sci fi thriller about the year after next year, and if you like that, Under Siege, a novel of the far distant future, where humans are still human far from the wreckage that was Earth.
Status from NaNoWriMo:
Target Word Count 50,000 Target Average Words Per Day 1,667
Words Written Today 1,071
Total Words Written 45,541  Current Day 17

Your Average Per Day 2,678

Words Remaining 4,459  days Remaining 14
Words Per Day To Finish On Time 319
At This Rate You Will Finish On November 18, 2011

NaNoWriMo Day 14 Status

So I’ve always had this problem, I have a picture of the arc of the story now, have various characters in place, more things to reveal.  etc, etc but I begin to wonder is it all too damn predictable.  If some has read to this point are they going to say, ‘oh I know how this all ends up, BORING.” I don’t think so but it niggles at me. 
NaNoWriMo Day 14:
Words Written Today  1,448
Total Words Written  41,414  Current Day  14
Your Average Per Day  2,958
Words Remaining  8,586 Days Remaining  17
Words Per Day To Finish On Time  506

At This Rate You Will Finish On  November 16, 2011

Target Word Count  50,000  Target Average Words Per Day  1,667

Elgin is up on Smashwords

Cover to my newest Novel
Cover to Elgin By M.A.Harris

So here is the cover I whined about spending a lot of Saturday working on, I think its pretty good. 

You should be able to click-through and get to the Smaswords page for the book and download the most current version.  I pulled up the ePub version, seems to work pretty well.  Saw several issues already but that’s what you get for getting the raw unedited form.
Don’t feel bad if you can’t make progress because of all the bad grammar and spelling.  But if you can plow through, suggestions would be welcome, I just won’t guarantee I’ll take them up.
Anyway here is the link to Elgin, again