Too quiet to be a race car

Do we really go to the races for the visceral shiver a race car’s engine can give you, the aching memory frisson that the stink of castrol can trigger?

Formula One dominator Sebastian Vettel gave short shrift Saturday to the new, electric Formula E series, saying it would be far too quiet and was “not the future”.

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WIRED: ?cute? eBimmer with a dimmer

20131015-072653.jpg20131015-072701.jpg20131015-072708.jpgThe i3 is BMW’s Ultimate Electric Driving Machine: BY DAMON LAVRINC 07.29.13
Wired question the “new age refrigerator” look but I like it.
Continues the trend showing that you need to design from the ground up…and know what you are doing…and what you want to emphasize when designing eCars.